Chimney sweeping during the holiday season?

Chimney Sweep is one of the most important tasks on the to-do list during the winter. This is the festive season and much awaited precious family time. You would want to keep the warmth in your house throughout the winter.

Remember your chimney has been idle since last winter. In the meantime, the harsh weather and blowing wind, the structure of chimney might have got damaged. Also, the chimney has been standing tall for years. It is natural to find normal wear and tear with it which needs to be taken care of. Moreover, if chimney outlet is not secured with cap, it makes a habitat to Birds, that blocks the air venting. Apart from this, Creosote is built up on inner walls of chimney due to wood burning. It is needed to get rid of this highly flammable Creosote to avoid a major house fire.

One must plan the chimney sweep in winter beforehand. A professional Chimney Sweep assures thorough cleaning chimney liner, smoke chamber, firebox and damper. A good Chimney Sweep is well acquainted with chimney functions and can identify current and potential hazards with your fireplace and chimney. Detecting the issues with your chimney might seem difficult to you, but it is an easy task for the chimney sweep. Though many online self-help resources are available for cleaning the chimneys, it is highly recommended to take a professional service. This is because, Annual Chimney Sweep and inspection is a mandatory requirement for Home Insurance in many countries. Ensure that you get a valid certificate from the Chimney Sweep and keep it on file as evidence. Many service providers offer a comprehensive package that covers chimney cleaning, inspection and repair.

If you are using the chimney for lesser time, still it is recommended to get the annual inspection along with cleaning. When the chimney is not operational, make a point to close the damper valve. Damper regulates the flow of air and is one of the critical parts of chimney. When you start the fire in winter, check if it is functioning well and serving the purpose. Otherwise, it can cause excessive smoke in house. It is advised to install smoke detectors and keep them charged with batteries.

Apart from a periodic chimney sweep kent in winter, it is necessary to know the basics of your chimney and its operations. There are different wood types with their respective pros and cons. Know the one you are burning to avoid excessive creosote built up. As you have been using the chimney for years, keep a log of past issues and ensure that Chimney Sweep is informed about the same. Having basic fire protection and escape plan in place would help in emergency. Be constantly aware of unfamiliar chimney operations, excessive smoke and noise and ensure to get rid of it. Don’t wait till the next schedule of chimney sweep. Winter is a season of celebration, family gathering and enjoyment. Ensure the fireplace is safe and operational and have a great time.

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