These 5 Tips Can Help You In Selecting Perfect Sofa at Your Home

The main thing of a sofa is that it is comfortable, but to this quality, it is also added its aesthetic function, the size and space it must occupy, as well as being durable. If you are thinking of renovating your sofa, you have to take into account certain aspects so that your choice is suitable and that over the years you do not end up regretting, something that unfortunately happens too often.

For this reason, we have developed for you five very practical tips that you should keep in mind when buying a sofa, these are the five models of a sofa that you do not want to get up.

  1. Adapt your sofa to the size of your living room

 If you have a room that is not too large, you have to make the most of the space. It is best to choose a two-seater sofa and complete it with armchairs or poufs to be able to sit comfortably with your family or visitors. To get the perfect measurement, the sofa should measure about 90cm less than the wall that will frame it.

  1. As a separator for your dining room

 In case you want to use your sofa as a separator in the living room and create a space with a dining table behind you, the perfect sofa will be at least three seats, so you will have each area well defined in a simple and economical way. This sofa Versalles of the Acomodel brand also has a fourth seat without backrest that will reinforce that feeling of division of spaces.

  1. Sofa perspiration

It is very important that the upholstery of the sofa be valued before buying it. The most advisable thing is that it is easy to maintain, resistant and, if possible, that it can be drawn. Leather, cotton and anti-spots are the best for any sofa. In addition, if you have children at home you should consider using some covers for the sofa to better control the care of your upholstery, they will also serve to give a new look to your room every time you want to renew them.

  1. Combine the color of your sofa with that of the furniture

 If what you want is for your sofa to be the protagonist of your living room, do not be afraid to take risks and choose in full color. Combining the furniture you have with your new sofa will be very fun, if you are lucky enough to prefer neutral tones, any color will be ideal to dress with elegance and a striking touch your own interior design.

  1. Take advantage of spaces in L

 The king of the house is called chaise longue and, if it is also a corner, is a very comfortable option where you can both watch the TV peacefully as you lay down to nap. This model of a sofa is ideal for drawing spaces in L and take advantage of any complicated space such as corners.

With these simple tips there will be no margin for error, remember that choosing a sofa is going to be a decision with which you live daily, find the best models in our online store at efurniture; furniture upholstery Dubai.


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