6 Ways to Eliminate Termites

Termites A colony-dwelling pest that feeds on cellulose, which is usually found in plants and trees and with abundant food sources, can destroy anything in a short time.

Of course, we all want to eliminate the termites and expel them from home and make sure they do not get them again and take the necessary measures, but before that we must know together some basic facts that you should be aware of

Types of ants

Generally, there are four types of termites: Conhyd, Wet, Dry, Fur and Musan. No matter where you are, your home may be infected with one of these types

One of the most common types of white ants is white dry ants that feed on wood more

Signs of ants

There are some warning signs during the injury of your home to some of you:

The presence of cracks in the paint and bubbles on the walls of the house from the inside and is the first symptoms of ants

There is a cavity in the wood such as doors, windows and wooden houses and you can be sure of this by road

Termites are not seasonal household insects because they can invade your home at any time in winter, summer or any time throughout the year

One of the best ways to deal with termites is to use engineers who specialize in the elimination of white ants and eliminate it and you can use some of those services

The best ways to get rid of termites

Here are the best 6 ways to eliminate termites

1 – exposing the termites to the sun

One of the things most avoided by the termites is the scorching sun or the burning ultraviolet sun

Exposure of termites to the sun is a great and easy to eliminate, especially if it is found in wood such as sofas, doors and other wood

Put the damaged furniture out in the sun directly

Keep infected pieces outside for 3 to 5 days

2 – Wet carton trap

The cardboard trap is a non-toxic method to eliminate the ants because the carton contains cellulose and has been proved that the smell of cardboard can not resist white ants

Bring some cardboard and place it in a box

Place the cardboard in the place with the white ants

After collecting the ants around the carton, transfer them and then burn them or place them in the sun

3 – Orange oil

Orange oil contains a substance called lemony, an active compound that destroys termites easily and is an effective treatment for the elimination of colonies in wood

Place the orange oil on the surfaces where you see the colonies and apply it for several days

Drill some small holes in the infected surfaces and inject them with orange oil

4 – Neem oil

Although it works slowly but it is a safe and effective way to kill termites because it prevents them from harmony in the place where it lives and it prevents the termites from laying eggs

Put some of the neem oil on a ball of cotton and paint the infected places

Reapply that step several times until you make sure the termites are eliminated

5. Borax (sodium borate)

Borax is the name that is known as sodium borate, and it helps strongly to kill termites underground because it destroys the nervous system of the ants

Spray the infected areas with Bourax powder evenly and repeat the process daily for a week to ensure the elimination of the termites

Spray the borax solution onto the wood surfaces by making a mixture of 1 tablespoon of borax and 8 cups of hot water

6 – Diatomaceous earth

It can solve many pest problems including termites so that it will prevent dry ants from penetrating the house

Spray a thin layer of diatomium on the affected areas and repeat them daily

“Note” You must wear a mask while handling diatomaceous

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